Enemy of the State

Enemy of the State ★★★½

One of the few tech-based movies that hasn't been dated by its depiction of such technology; it's only become more relevant. I attribute that to Tony Scott's rapid-fire direction, and by not focusing as much on the actual tech equipment, but on the concept of it, and by emphasizing the story and continuing to fuel it. If there's one thing Tony Scott could do, it was propel a narrative. And just when I start to tire of Will Smith's plight at the around 55-minute mark, Gene Hackman comes in and steals the show. There's expert pacing here. It's a complex plot but its handled in a professional way, perfectly crafted to keep the viewer's attention.

I just listening to a Rewatchables episode on this. They make a good point in discussing the cast--there's no no-names here, even in the bit roles. Every role is handled by a recognizable actor giving 100-percent.

All of Tony Scott's films seem to appreciate and refine with age. I never tire of his stylistic choices, of his passion for story. This movie seems similar to his style of direction--shoot everything, then find the best footage to snap it all together. Tarantino has called him a "selector" instead of a director, as he sets up numerous cameras and films every scene from every possible angle. But it works.

A first-class action/paranoia thriller. Watched via Disney Blu-ray, personal collection.

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