Moonlight ★★★★★

It's a mark of the power of Barry Jenkins' film that in its last scene, the muscled, gold-toothed Trevante Rhodes is utterly believable as the same person who was played in the first and second acts by skinny kids to whom he bears almost no resemblance.

It's also a mark of its quality that that isn't the best thing about about it.

Moonlight is an impeccably controlled and absorbing drama told with great performances, a poetic touch, a soundscape that commands the attention and a swooning camera that makes every scene an experience.

The moderate running time manages to accommodate several gigantic themes: identity, sexuality, masculinity, the black American experience, wasted lives, cycles of abuse, and crucially, the relationship between those things-- but without overstating any of them. Jenkins leaves space for the audience response, our half of the dialogue.

One to savour.

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