Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ★★★½

Pop go the candy-coloured bubbles floating through planet Ego, and pop goes everything else in this second revel in the 1980ish heyday of the space opera. This time, pop goes David Hasselhoff, pop goes Pac Man and pop goes ELO.

If the plot never felt like the reason for turning up the first time round, it's even more of a practical necessity in 'Vol.2'. As before, often the biggest marvel is watching how skilfully James Gunn can keep the story, comedy sketches, pop culture placements, action scenes, family theme, star cameos, psychedelic visuals and downright silliness in some kind of balance.

I wish I'd been a little drunk in order to enjoy it more and look at my watch less, but it is still relentlessly impressive. If you're going to throw everything at the screen, there's a real talent to designing the way it lands quite as well as this.

If the gang are going to have a pop at Vol 3, then I'm holding out for an appearance by Gil Gerard and Twiki. In the meantime, this one still manages to be a lot of stupid fun. But see it before it pops.

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