The Godfather: Part III

The Godfather: Part III ★★★★


Not quite the dramatic reworking of THE GODFATHER PART III that it was presented as. Its strengths and weaknesses are essentially the same, as there’s really only so much that you can do with the raw materials being what they are.

That said, some of the editorial changes are intriguing (though most are fairly subtle). The most substantial work has been done to the opening and the finale, and while I think the “new” ending is particularly strong, I’m not sure that the totality of the changes add up to some definitive new cut of the original film.

I’m a defender of THE GODFATHER PART III, and the things I appreciate about that version of the movie can still be found here, and I still find it to be a film, in either form, packed with wonderful moments and scenes. I also like that Paramount was able to indulge Francis Ford Coppola and allow him to experiment in this way.

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