The Godfather

The Godfather ★★★★½

JB's review: 8/10
"Loved Al Pacino's character."

Agreed, I love the way Michael grows and I'm so used to action as pointless filler that I wasn't expecting The Godfather to be so emotionally charged and inward. All the babies and home cooking certainly add to that feeling. This is truly intelligent, rich-beyond-belief writing that expects an attentive audience. Is there a more satisfying final shot in cinema? So effortless in its flawlessness, it's always apparent that Coppola has complete control over every inch of his production, though he owes its legendary look to many people.

I won't beat a dead horse, but one thing I've never heard mentioned is how perfect the montages are here. I'm certain the baptism scene alone has influence over everything from Revenge of the Sith to Game of Thrones. This movie really shows how beautiful a cross-fade can be.

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