Scream ★★★★

JB's review: 7/10
"Lots of blood."

When every sequel, spin-off, and remake these days has to be meta, what is the original meta horror franchise to do?

Scream (2022) starts mild and tired, throwing out a few recent horror titles out and championing the good ol' slasher while copying the original. Here we go again.

But eventually the film ends up so far up its own ass, tangled in meta jokes and rule-breaking, that it becomes glorious fun. It feels like a real send-up to Wes Craven and the entire franchise, with a good balance of new rule breaking, old fashioned scares, and amped up gore.

There is a clear jumping off point where a frosty-haired Dylan Minette has three false scares in a row—obviously the filmmakers are prioritizing fun, and if you're not laughing by then, you won't be screaming by the end. But I had a blast.

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