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  • Big City Blues
  • Night Nurse
  • Safe in Hell
  • eXistenZ

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  • The Player


  • Pickup on South Street


  • Waterworld


  • The Velvet Underground

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  • To Die For

    To Die For


    lol at this poster

  • Greenland



    really captures some of the central contradictions of qanon-era anti-govt paranoia that somehow is coupled with cop-worship, where our government is condemning us all to die but also all the army men are obsequious and helpful?? and as society crumbles all the pharmacies will be looted but FEMA is going to reunite you with your lost child and give them insulin and put you on a bus to promptly deliver you to your destination?? and you personally are going to…

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  • Slipstream



    As far as misleading box art/posters/taglines go this is way up there. "A POST APOCALYPTIC DIRTY HARRY" it is not.

    Inexplicable and generally entertaining. In direct opposition to the Leonard Maltin Movie Guide blurb, I really enjoyed the third act and found Mark Hamill's performance to be horrible.

    I'm going to create an edit that is solely composed of all of Bill Paxton's lines (not joking).

  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout


    100% believe in the power of scientology to redirect giant production budgets towards location shooting instead of cgi. the power is truly awesome praise be to xenu.