Scream ★★★★★

What a surprise!

The direction is brilliant. The script is a wonderful mix. The character introductions are pitch perfect and the opening... that is a masterpiece alone. The opening is extremely suspensive and really hooked me to see the rest of the film.

The whole film is an excellent parody of the slasher horror films, including a lot of references to horror films and the behind the scenes trivia. The plot is really engaging with an unexpected twist. Gale Weathers is a pretty interesting character - annoying like other news reporters, but also saves the day. I liked what happened with Ghostface. However, some horror film references are outdated and not well known these days. A fun movie that mocks the notable horror films - but it's not scary at all!

Drew Barrymore is super impressive that makes the opening captivating to watch. Courteney Cox and Neve Campbell are both brilliant too. The rest of the cast is solid. The editing definitely make the film have a perfect pacing, while bringing a lot of thrills. Not a single scene is boring. The music supports the horror events and the quieter moments.

A masterly done film without cheap jump scares and well crafted satire on horror films. I highly recommend it - one of the best horror films!

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