Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★★½

I am a big fan of Scream (which is my most favourite horror film). You can see my review HERE. Now how about this film?

I am very impressed with this film! The direction is almost on par with Wes Craven's direction in the original film. It is pretty masterful done. The screenplay has the biggest benefits. The opening scene is somewhat uniquely done. There are actually 2 killers in the opening scene! There could have been more suspense in the opening. What is so interesting with this meta commentary is that the horror franchise really doesn't die. And that... is so true! Look at The Exorcist as a recent example - it just doesn't stop and is still a money making option. Sequels always get a bigger budget - absolutely! This movie is seriously true! Legacy characters will have an ending eventually - it seems so! I liked the commentary on social media and the rumours and how it can affect an individual.

The bigger narrative makes this movie more unique. Los Angeles has been explored before (in Scream 3), but New York is just completely different. There is literally a large population that will be hard to keep track on. Setting this movie around Halloween adds a more further unpredictability to who would be Ghostface. The stabs are way more gruesome and horrifying (in a good way). The characters are more likeable and I did like the reveal of the Ghostface (there is actually more than one...) I also feel that transformation of the Carpenter sisters is well established. Bringing some of the forgotten characters in the other Scream films are very enjoyable.

I did like the cast this time. Melissa Barrera is so much better in this movie. Jenna Ortega is outstanding, as usual. Dermot Mulroney shocked me a lot. I just wish to see more of Samara Weaving as I am NOT READY to see a short runtime for her. Tony Revolori is quite solid.

The cinematography is the best out of the Scream movies. The production design is also top-notch due to the modern aesthetics of New York. The New York subway does scare me whenever I ride on it. The editing is flawed, but significantly improved over the previous entry. The opening scene did drag and some of the earlier scenes could have been edited more better to give a faster and engaging pacing. However, the majority of the movie is brilliantly paced. I was fully engaged throughout the film. The music and songs pretty decent and match well.

Finally, a Scream sequel that I actually did like! The 2nd best Scream movie as of this writing. Highly recommended!

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