Malcolm & Marie

Malcolm & Marie ½

I cannot conjure up the appropriate words to accurately describe how much I hated this film. It is close to two hours worth of watching the two most insufferable characters ever argue about a plethora of uninteresting things. Levinson's writing genuinely makes me want to vomit. Even the most toxic people do not speak or act like this. Plus, if you're going to write insufferable characters (which appear to be an extension of Levinson himself), at least make them or what they are talking about interesting.

There is nothing to connect to in this film whatsoever. It is essentially just writer/director Sam Levinson whining and being arrogant for an extended period of time. The performances are genuinely not very good either. Zendaya and Washington's good looks couldn't even save the film. I cannot think of a single redeeming quality that this film possesses. I am not sure a movie has ever irritated me this much, but I am proud of myself for watching it and surviving. If anyone is specifically trying to watch something that will give them a headache, this is the film for you.

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