• The Princess Diaries

    The Princess Diaries


    rewatching as an adult means noticing that mia has an elliott smith poster on her bedroom wall ... if that’s who she’s listening to on the poster then i hope she’s okay <3

  • [REC]



    lived my whole life thinking i’d seen this but it turned out i just saw the american remake Quarantine (2008) twice

  • Society



    eyes glued to the screen during the 20 minute flesh-squelching face-sucking anal-fisting body horror orgy but had to look away when they showed 5 seconds of worms in an apple :/

  • The Lost World: Jurassic Park

    The Lost World: Jurassic Park


    my jurassic park scheme would not be to open a deadly amusement park but to domesticate and snuggle the little dinosaurs :) in fact i think i will go do that right now

  • I Blame Society

    I Blame Society


    fell in love with this one from the very first scene, where writer/director/star gillian wallace-horvat (playing a fictionalized version of herself) tries to convince a friend to let her come to his house so she can film herself “hypothetically” plotting to murder his girlfriend. her thesis is derived from a “compliment” she once received — that she would make a great murderer — which made her realize that those same skill sets also apply to auteur filmmaking. so why not…

  • The Assistant

    The Assistant


    subtly, quietly devastating. the monstrous burden of knowing that doing the right thing is futile will never be lifted — even if you eventually choose to put it down, its ghost lingers. maybe you can do the right thing later, when you’re a little higher up in your career, when you have a little more power. but by then, will it be too late? will you have warped into one of them? this is a horror story.

    with almost no…

  • The Wolf of Wall Street

    The Wolf of Wall Street


    there is such an overabundance of perfect wolf of wall street f-bomb deliveries that everyone gets to have their own unique favorite :) mine personally is margot robbie’s “stop flexing ya muscles, jordan! ya look like a fuckin’ imbecile”

  • The Other Woman

    The Other Woman


    clapping my hands and honking like a seal at the thought of john cassavetes living to see his son nick direct this movie, in which jaime lannister violently and publicly shits his pants then says “i shit my pants”

  • The Lady Eve

    The Lady Eve


    barbara stanwyck’s con-woman antiheroines do so much for me but barbara stanwyck the actress does so little and i’m trying so hard to make peace with that

  • Supernova



    tender and intimate, if a bit lukewarm. colin firth and stanley tucci knocking it out of the park as usual. their palpable chemistry is bolstered by colin’s naturalism and stanley’s theatricality — good thing, too, because the scant plot is dependent on the casting of actors up to the task.

    the story itself is one that’s (tragically) familiar: an older couple’s relationship is tested by the onset of dementia. however, it finds room to break new ground by making the…

  • King Kong

    King Kong


    naomi watts: bitch, it’s king kong
    king kong: yes, i’m king kong
    adrien brody: this is king kong?
    jack black: yes, miss king kong!!
    kyle chandler: and i’m kyle chandler :)

  • Mank


    i got shot at on my drive home from watching mank and mank was still the worst part of my night