Shrek ★★★★½

(screened in black & white with french dubbing)

so lucky to catch this ultra rare print of French New Wave Shrek! it’s so obvious that the directors intended the film to be shot in 35mm, in B&W, and on location in an actual swamp for added realism. the vastly inferior color version adhered too strictly to traditional form, but the B&W challenges the standard by intentionally confusing and boring its intended audience of children.
meanwhile, the french dialect injects a melancholy sorely missing from the theatrical cut, revealing the previously submerged existentialism lurking in the characters’ psyches.

overall a totally underrated, thought-provoking exploration of the futility of physical beauty — a must-see for all cinephiles serious about the craft. and all we had to do to unlock it was desaturate the tv and set the language to french

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