The Batman

The Batman ★★★★

seen a lot of people comparing this to Zodiac and Se7en (agree) but not too many commenting on its most clear influence... the Saw Sa(w)ga. they straight up put Jigsaw in this movie and called him "The Riddler"? you can't fool me. i recognize that modulated voice, those motives, those theatrical torture traps that looked like they were pulled straight from Saw III and Saw V ...

none of this is a complaint! drop more superheroes into their own versions of Saw! partially because (and i don't know how to say this in a normal way) idolized paragons can be at their most compelling when being psychologically tortured <3 the bits where the script leaned into interrogating the false mythos behind both Batman and Bruce Wayne stuck with me most -- his multiple mistakes ring true because our heroes are flawed and scarred and scared. he's not hiding behind the mask just to protect his identity, but to hide his emotional vulnerability, corralling it behind a physical barrier that prevents anyone from getting even remotely close to him. this guy is a self-loathing billionaire with no social skills, so isolated and afraid of the risk that comes with relationships that he uses his infinite money + spare time to dress up like a bat, lurk around at night, and beat bad guys up. you all probably read that like "ummm yeah duh we know" but this is only the third Batman movie i've ever seen (after The Dark Knight and The Lego Batman Movie), so i'm only just now starting to figure this freak out.

speaking of freaks, Robert Pattinson! Robert Pattinson :) Robert Pattinson coated in black eye shadow like My Chemical Romance, brooding around Gotham while Nirvana plays, shirtless while solving murder puzzles in his mansion ... really great nourishment for the #Robsessed after a years-long drought (can i mention here that Robert Pattinson himself showed up to my 7pm IMAX screening to give a surprise speech but we missed him because we skipped the trailers? can someone do something about that? bend space and time? open up some sort of wormhole? activate a Tenet turnstile?).

last thing i'll say is that everyone doubted me for insisting that they should have made Colin Farrell as The Penguin hot in spite of his comic book depiction, and after watching the movie i still resolutely believe i'm right. there is still time to rectify this before the upcoming HBO spin-off series. #MakeThePenguinHot

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