May December

May December ★★★★½

a beautiful venomous butterfly of a movie! my Portland pal Todd Haynes' latest is a probe into the delusional denials of perpetrators, their abject refusals to take culpability, their banning from entry even a germ of the thought that maybe, just maybe, they did something wrong. it's also about how Julianne Moore's character might not have enough hot dogs for their cookout and this is the worst thing that has ever happened to her, much worse than anything she might have done eighteen years ago. AND it's about how acting makes you certifiably insane. mwah!

May December is a murky wade into a moral gray area, like textured graphite against the black-and-white of tabloid headlines. it interrogates post-scandal life, the evolution of a new normal that should never have become normal in the first place. and the best part is the careful infusion of humor into its palette, a sprinkling of spiced sugar that purposefully doesn't quite mask the sour taste of its subject matter, but makes it a little easier to swallow.

my notebook is filled with lines i admired so much that i was compelled to illegibly scribble them down in the dark of the theater. lines like, "I am naive. I always have been. In a way, it's been a gift." and "I can't tell if we're connecting or if I'm creating a bad memory for you in real time."

i'm in awe of Samy Burch's script. she is joining my personal pantheon of screenwriters like Callie Khouri and Diablo Cody, women who said "fuck it" and knocked it out of the park with their very first screenplay. very excited to see what she does next, which happens to be Coyote vs. Acme?! new hero alert 🚨

(got to interview Samy for Letterboxd's awards season podcast Best in Show, the second season of which launches today, btw! and i hunted + gathered her Four Faves along with Julianne, Natalie, Charles, Todd, and the rest of the ingenious cast + crew)

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