Dead Ringers

Dead Ringers ★★★★½

“In October 1982, David Cronenberg was reading the daily paper when he stumbled across a Far Side cartoon called 'Cow Tools'. He was so perplexed and inspired by the enigmatic panel, that he decided to make a live-action feature exploring the psyche of a cow driven mad by a need to recreate the aforementioned tools. Realizing the difficulties of working with an actual cow, Cronenberg shifted the story to focus on a pair of twins (Jeremy Irons) who dress in a cow costume to perform surgery with their cow tools. After completing the entire project, the studio rejected the final cut, deeming it too alienating for human audiences, as well as too insensitive in regards to the recent Mad Cow Disease outbreak of 1986. Thus, Cronenberg was forced to reshoot without any cow imagery, resulting in the curiously bovine-free picture we see today.” 

^IMDb trivia i just made up

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