Spencer ★★★★★

Director Pablo Larraín Matte takes another crack at an unconventional biopic about an important female in political history. His film before this, Jackie about Jackie Kennedy following her husband’s assassination was an odd take on the subject and I found that most of it while trying admirably to be a different kind of biopic didn’t work except Portman saved that film.

Spencer on the other hand is like Terrence Malick and Stanley Kubrick teamed up to tell a tragic dreamlike story of Princess Diana’s miserable Christmas weekend at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. She was like anyone of us (normal) but got herself into a situation in which it’s like the 1900s. It’s so weird the way the Royals live. The schedules, the outfits, the behavior, types of food, the order of things, etc. I would lose my mind.

This film is beautiful and Stewart is amazing as well. I’ve always loved Kristen since Panic Room. She’s an amazing talent. Besides the gorgeous cinematography and the offbeat unconventional storytelling, the other element that stuck out was the score. Johnny Greenwood has never been better! That’s a bold statement. His score went from sad, to plucky, to dread, to mysterious all in the matter of mere minutes. 

I wasn’t expecting anything from this and I got everything.

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