Bullet Train

Bullet Train ★★½

A little goes a long way and this movie is long. I laughed once. I wasn’t trying not to laugh, I promise. We’ve seen pretty much most of the jokes from other movies before, then when it’s done borrowing jokes, you get a stupefied Pitt playing with a bidet. So as far as a comedy goes it let me down.

How about the action? The action was very well done minus all the CGI bits. The hand to hand stuff was very well choreographed especially in the setting of a confined space. It’s chock-full of action. The acting was good, I really liked Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Pitt is always solid (even though Pitt’s character/acting was very similar to Jerry from The Mexican). The look of the film is slick and polished.

The script was not great, as I said the jokes didn’t land for me and the dialogue wasn’t as clever and snappy as it thinks it is. The plot was familiar (looking at you Smoking Aces) and purposely convoluted for comedic purposes and we know how I felt about the comedy. I was exhausted by the time the credits rolled. It was a spectacle for better or worse.

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