The Beatles: Get Back

The Beatles: Get Back

John: You gotta admit that John is funny. Like, come on. I know all the bad stuff about him. But you've gotta admit he was funny. We cannot have a productive dialogue if you won't meet me halfway on this. All the zoomer boys with haircuts like broccoli taking shots at him on TikTok can't touch how funny he is singing Two Of Us with Paul through clenched teeth. John has always been my favorite Beatle. Ever since I was seven. Your Beatle picks you and that's just how it is. You'll never tell me anything about John I don't already know. He's still my Beatle. I'm old enough now that I dig it. John rocks.

Paul: It's simply impossible to find the words to describe watching Paul sit down and write Get Back out of nowhere. It's like the good version of watching 9/11 footage from before the news got to it, when it's just people wandering around covered in ash. You get so accustomed to Simon Cowell cutting in to say "and just like that they made history" that seeing it done in just one long take is staggering. No cut. He didn't disappear into the edit to pull it from a secret room, he sat there with the same amount of strings I have and came up with it in about two minutes. For reference it takes me about two hours to figure out a few seconds of a Stephen Malkmus riff. Goddamn.

George: John and Paul aren't the only people vindicated by this cut. Ringo reveals himself to be as wry and sharp as any of them, just tired. George rarely needs vindication in the meta story of the Beatles but it's really something to watch him sit there and be 26. He's the band's little brother, not as automatically wise as he's often painted. But wisdom is one of the least relatable human qualities. He's still a kid struggling with self esteem and learning how to speak up for himself, often petulantly. It's tough when the man you're pushing against is Paul who absolutely does not give a shit or wish you ill and also he's Paul McCartney. Gotta be a weird feeling when he says your song is easy to play. But still! He's trying! So much of George clicks into place when you realize how much of the 60s he spent as an unintentional punching bag for two of the 20th century's great songwriters. Any other band (with one exception) and it would be the George show. No wonder he went inward.

Ringo: Accidentally talked about Ringo in the George section. Ringo seems like a good guy. Don't think he'd mind.

Yoko: Yoko rules. She's so funny. This is not a safe place for anti-Yoko talk. Grow up.

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