I watched a Trevor Noah Daily Show at my hotel room the other night. Had never seen it because I generally love and try to take care of myself but I figured what the hell. It's worse than I thought! So bad, in fact, that I got briefly obsessed with it. It's a comedy show hosted by the kid from the Twilight Zone who sends you to the cornfield if you yell at him. Just completely unwatchable. But as I watched it I started to, like, anti-root for Trevor Noah. Every joke on the show is a setup followed by a complete whiff. No two whiffs were the same. Sometimes he'd deflate the tension in delivery, sometimes he'd act out one-sided vague sketch comedy like a sweat-drenched Bob Newhart, sometimes he'd just start giving a Ted Talk. It became exciting. A no-hitter's still cool even when it's happening to your guys. About a third of the way through the episode something insane happened which is that I started laughing. In comedy the laughs I was experiencing are known as "bad laughs" but it's been a pretty rough decade or so, I don't know how picky we can be with television comedy. Almost immediately during this movie I started Bad Laughing and I never really stopped. The movie is obviously awful but that's an insane thing to hold against it. It's like going to an improv class show and being annoyed when the upper middle class 22 year olds who have never known the cruel wisdom of bombing start mugging. You're a guest here, have some manners.

Every single person who acts like they love Guy Fieri or (if they're a little older) Keanu Reeves used to act like they hated them. Neither were really true, you just wanted to be involved. It's fine. Everybody sees what you're doing but it's ultimately not a big deal. I think Lin Manuel Miranda is set to be one of those guys. It's way off in the future but I see it coming. I smell it in the wind. The only way out is through. He's going to keep being a corny goober until we meet a stupider, cornier dragon air-humping traffic on the road. I think Corden's been eyeing the crown. At a certain point you have to start feeling a dark respect for these guys. Society can only take so many villains before the Michelle Obamas start hugging the George W. Bushes or whatever. The day will come and people will act like they never thought Lin Manuel Miranda sucked. You'll see it happen and it won't matter but you'll notice it. This movie is the first step on the journey of a thousand miles on his walk back into the light.

Ultimately this sucked ass. It's very fun to make fun of bad movies and a part of me will always prefer it to watching a good movie but that part of me must've been out running errands during what felt like the four hour runtime of this shit. I wish I wrote a shorter review.

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