Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo

Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo ★★★★★

forgoing philosophical musings and deep character introspection for pure, unabashed bombastic spectacle, you can (not) redo is everything this rebuild series was meant to be, and more.

it finally, finally completely diverges from the original series' plot, reusing absolutely nothing sans a few visual callbacks to eoe. it strips a bunch of shit that makes eva, well, eva in terms of what to expect (e.g. shinji running away from his problems, turning that on its head and making shinji willingly running towards problems for his own self-satisfaction/purpose), turning everything up to fucking 11 for one of the most gorgeous and pulse-pounding anime films ever made.

the artwork is absolutely gorgeous, the score is peerless and epic in every single sense of the word, the script is streamlined and slick and clean and doesn't fuddle and stumble around like the previous two rebuild jalopies, the plot introduces more questions than answers and has questions that has nothing to do with the original source material, it has the most breathtaking anime action setpieces i've ever fucking seen (sorry ufotable, maybe make an anno production someday and then we'll talk), the epic nature is merely amplified and accentuated by the liberating 21:9 aspect ratio, and most of all, the film stands spectacularly as its own work, using contextuality and foreknowledge only as subtle nods to appreciate it more rather than a crutch for the plot to hobble along with.

in short, you can (not) redo is the full potential of the rebuild series, basically an eva AU fanfiction with a disgustingly-immense budget for an anime.

it's perfect in what it tries to accomplish, and is a masterpiece in a much, much, much different way than end of evangelion is (whereas this movie is a masterwork of spectacle, subversion of contextualized expectation (just like tlj but that's ANOTHER can of worms), end of evangelion is pretty much a transcendent philosophical thinkpiece with deep, deep characters used as a canvas, utterly unmatched and peerless in its esoteric depth).

basically, the first two rebuilds are pretty much shit in comparison and wholly unnecessary; they should have been condensed to a miniseries or even a 20 minute prologue, because THIS film, this is the real shit.

you can (not) redo is the definitive rebuild until the Second Coming of Christ, when we can finally see what 3.0+1.0 has in store.

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