Hereditary ★★½

Recommended by molly, and thank you so much! 

Yeah, I don’t see the hype for this film in all honesty. 

Toni Collette got snubbed big time because you feel the pain and anger in almost every scene, she was downright terrific here. It’s a very well shot movie and the transitions are perfect. It’s refreshing to see jump scares that aren’t obnoxious for once. Also, finally a father in a horror movie that has a brain. I wasn’t particularly into the story because it took awhile for it to get going, and when it does the second half was kinda dumb. I was never scared by this whatsoever, I mean it’s creepy at times but that’s it. 

This wasn’t bad, it was just okay. I just wish the second half was better. It’s also either because I’m not that big into the horror genre or A24 films are not 100% for me at times.

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