Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★★

12 years ago was the last time I’ve watched Fantastic Mr. Fox, and that was because I hated it so much back then. My dumb 11 year-old self thought it was stupid and boring throughout the runtime. I like to look back at that time by saying, what the cuss was I thinking? I cussing loved this movie! 

Everything about this is so gorgeous. Need I say more about the animation? It’s so beautiful. The shot composition and cinematography is insanely good. Every shot is almost like a painting that you can look at it forever. Alexandre Desplat’s score is so good. The vocal performances bring so much life into these characters, and I loved every character in here. I’m glad I finally understand the jokes after all this time, as this is probably Anderson’s funniest movie to date. I also love how he pokes fun at the cliches that typically show up in family movies. Besides wanting to see more from Coach Skip, there’s not much to complain about because this was a blast! 

Without a doubt, this is PEAK Wes Anderson at his finest!

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