Prey ★★★★½

Prey the newest film in the predator franchise that is a prequel set In 1719 a young Comanche naru played by Amber midthunder who is just incredible badass ,likeable ,fearless  she wants to prove her self against of a lot her tribe that don’t really think she can do this and she ends up taking on a fucking predator who just fucks things up in nice gory/bloody ways and the way the movie is shot feels back to basics but also it’s also own and having a good size look that looks big 

The cinematography is beautiful and stunning visually and directed really good here by Dan trachtenherg from 10 cloverfield lane and here does a great job and knew what he wanted to tell 

The only nit pics are the characters outside of naru eveyone else is just not likeable (the French characters) or her tribe members (are like high school boys and it’s annoying) that’s probably more on how they are written 

And some of the cgi is messy a little and it’s really with the cgi animals that is very noticeable 

But this a definitely must see especially if your a fan of the franchise while it does it’s own thing