Halloween ★★★★½

Halloween 1978 is still a pretty damn good flim
But there is more cheesy to the Flim then when it came out in 1978(obviously it’s been over 40 years) and also it’s definitely a lot more slower which it does work but over the top it does feel like it drags a little  and like the opening with micheal killing Judith is really dated and the acting from Judith was something else after re-watching . Donald pleasence is still the reason I enjoy watching this one and also Jamie Lee Curtis Which is her fist movie does a good job here playing the good girl which for some could say it’s boring or wooden but re-watching there is a reason why Halloween fans loved Jamie Lee Curtis we Laurie strode . Nick castle gives a creepy performance and has a lot more energy in scenes with Laurie then I remember . But what really works here is the score the score besides micheal is made this movie a franchise whether you like all the flims or not i feel the score is one of the main reasons this a popular franchise .

John Carpenter’s halloween is still a really good Flim and is my 3rd favorite of the franchise thanks to the performances of pleasence and Curtis also the score 
Halloween is definitely a must watch for horror fans