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  • A Letter to Uncle Boonmee
  • Comingled Containers
  • Grand Opera: An Historical Romance
  • Palms

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  • The Eternal Daughter

  • It Is Night in America

  • Fairytale

  • Sunshine State

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  • Kink


    Would've loved to see this as a Frederick Wiseman joint. The image of him pointing his boom in the direction of a person being impaled by an industrial fuck machine is very funny to me. We'd also be watching this as a poor-quality rip like the Madison Square Garden doc because I feel like the Kink HQ really carefully curated Voros' effort (Wiseman wouldn't have let them). So ultimately it doesn't have a lot on its mind (it repeats the same 3 talking points ad infinitum) but it sure as hell is interesting to watch this unfold as a documentation of a very specific workplace.

  • The Foreigner

    The Foreigner

    Easy to oversell this through a screenshot dump: Slovis is doing great work here with shut curtains, silhouetted figures in mansion hallways and dilapidated buildings burning down in open fields (triple threat Tarkovsky reference?). Hoped this would be as wonderfully broken as Out For A Kill as it shares a director but alas. It is dull and incomprehensible despite the time spent on explanations.

Popular reviews

  • Words, Planets

    Words, Planets

    I showed this to my students and then one of them said she thinks it’s about fertility and someone said that maybe not all movies should be about something and it made me very proud.

  • Chernobyl


    A very expensive Wikipedia-page written with a hammer. It’s so desperately prestige and unnecessarily miserablist (which is quite a feat, considering the historical material), with a fittingly cop-out of a post-script in which ALL THE INTERESTING STUFF is namechecked for about 10 minutes. Most of it is too dumb to make a proper point without blunt repetition. Also comes off as weirdly smug about the whole ‘Soviets Suck’ thing. I don’t know, it had some good bits, but most of…