Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman ★★★½

Finally the DCEU comes through with a coherent, fun, badass superhero movie (keyword being coherent - I thought Suicide Squad was pretty fun and badass). I think the shock of that might have people feeling a little higher on this movie than if it had, for instance, been DC's first in place of Man of Steel, but it's still an impressive accomplishment.

Wonder Woman takes us back to a simpler time in comic book films, before all our heroes had to be quip machines, and before their adaptations became treated with the same level of seriousness and solemness as fucking Silence or something. This movie is just so much fun (almost) from start to finish, driven by characters you genuinely care about. Thank you, Patty Jenkins and company. Thank you for treating Diana like a new character who you have to develop in order to get the audience to root for her. It would've been so easy to have us root for her BECAUSE... just BECAUSE it's Wonder Woman and... like... aren't superheroes cool? Aren't you creaming just SEEING a superhero costume?

The film falls off when it inevitably turns into a giant, ugly video game with blue lightning and goofy CGI villains, but even when that happens it's less obnoxious than we've seen in past superhero movies. Here, again, you actually care about the people, so when it gets insane it doesn't lose you completely. Gal Gadot is honestly so wonderful and adorable as Wonder Woman, and this might also be the most I've ever liked Chris Pine. Go see this. Encourage studios to do these superhero movies like they did this one. The more I write I feel bad about not getting this to a 4/5, but that third act is really a sad drop-off. Whatever. See the movie.