Moonlight ★★★★½

There's no attempt here to titillate or tantalize, nor an attempt to structure some tasteless message out of identity politics. It's the black, gay Boyhood but the film in its execution couldn't be further from that catchy logline. Beyond Barry Jenkins who has now proven himself to be one of the best storytellers we have working today, I have to give all the credit I can to these actors. Every performance in Moonlight is fucking electric. The trifecta of Chirons (Alex R. Hibbert's 'Little' [one of the best child actor efforts I've ever seen], Ashton Sander's teenage Chiron, and finally Trevante Rhodes' 'Black') couldn't have been a more cohesive and emotionally engaging unit. 

I do need to see this again because, like Boyhood, it's a movie wherein we rarely get boisterous, sweeping drama. The power is in the subtlety; in small, silent moments and pained facial expressions. And I think movies like these really require you to live with them for a while. Regardless of how I feel it may age with repeat viewings, and I do see this as something I'll return to, I can tell you now it's a truly wonderful coming-of-age film. 

I'm a classic maaaaaan