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  • Wake Up Punk

    Wake Up Punk

    Punk is a great subject for a documentary, and Nigel Askew's documentary occasionally glimmers with excitement.

    Burning something of value is not exactly a new idea. The KLF, anyone? Vivienne Westwood is probably aware of this, but her son Joe Corré is so seemingly self-obsessed, he thinks setting fire to an estimated £5M of punk memorabilia (mainly his mum's fashion) is a radical and shocking action.

    There is a lot of hot air here, and not just from the smouldering…

  • Homebound


    Respect to the filmmakers for creating a sense of dread on a low budget, but Homebound, sadly, is unsatisfying in so many ways.

    The story is modest, much like its 70-minute running time, so you get the impression this would have worked more in a one-off TV drama.

    The mood echoes back to a very British 70's or early 80's Tales Of The Unexpected, which some horror fans will appreciate, but it doesn't really stand up against other modern-day horrors which are doing something far more original.


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