Dune ★★★★

“Desert power.”

Dune is a great movie that is held back for the fact it’s such an influential juggernaut. By no fault of its own, the source material is easily one of the most read sci-fi texts of all time and because of that, modern day pop culture icons, Star Wars and Game of Thrones, feel like natural offspring. So in 2021, Dune feels played and unoriginal despite it literally being the OG. It does little to surprise you narratively, but yet Denis never ceases to impress me. Direction and Cinematography was on point as always. Rock solid casting leads to great performances all around. I’ve never seen a film with Rebecca Ferguson before but she was exceptional as Jessica. I went into the movie knowing enough about the main plot line and factions that I was able to follow it all pretty easily, but I could see it being confusing as a big space opera. It definitely feels like a first film in a trilogy and is continually setting up a bigger picture. Loved what I saw here and really look forward to rewatching it once all three pieces are available. I think the rating can only go up from here. I’m very invested in what it has to tell narratively and hope there is a few tricks up Frank Herbert’s sleeves. I can easily see this as a universe I want to come back to in every shape and form.