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  • The Limits of Control

    The Limits of Control

    Woof, okay, here we go...

    Same deal as ''Inherent Vice'', taking a sober stab at a stoner staple, to straight up transcendent results. Pfffft, and I was worried about this one, thinking the endless waves of pure sound and imagery it rides on might not be enough to keep a less dulled and dopey mind at attention. Worth noting (probably not actually, but whatever), two other big life changes that really help amplify the intoxication of this:

    A) I've flipped…

  • Connect


    ***uhhhhhh, fair disclaimer/warning/apology, but the word vomit below is barely even about "Connect", just a much broader Miike train of thought that the show happened to send me on, and so you have been advised***

    Alright, so can ANYBODY in this god forsaken internet tell me whatever the hell happened to former Miike editor Yasushi Shimamura??? I can find literally zero information about him online beyond his filmographies on various nerd ass websites, which credit him as editor on…

Recent reviews

  • Tokyo Drifter

    Tokyo Drifter

    Well it's official, I'm never gonna get that theme song out of my head...

    Also worth noting, I've you ever find yourself feeling like a complete and utter out of touch fool, just remember that through some miracle of being totally fucking lame, I actually though that this was kinda boring and uneventful the first time I saw it. Everybody makes mistakes, just learn from em and improve yourself!

  • Killing Car

    Killing Car

    Much appreciated total 180 from "The Escapees", where that was a grounded slog, this is by far the most schlocky, action-packed, no-frills joint I've seen yet from Rolin. Was gonna say unpretentious too, but thankfully that's not quite the case, as it should be, still lots of random moments where Rollin stops the film dead, cranks up the score (pretty nice in parts, relatively to how cheap it all sounds) and just kinda meanderingly contemplates leading lady Tiki Tsang as…

Popular reviews

  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

    Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

    It all comes back to electricity. Something so unspeakably evil happens to you, has been happening to you all of your life, something impossible to face head on, so instead you tell yourself a story. Your abuser isn't really your father, he's merely the puppet of an ancient being that exists beyond time and space, the personification of the evil that men do, both tangible and intangible all at once, it can't be contained, captured, measured, weighed, understood, or stopped,…

  • Inherent Vice

    Inherent Vice

    Probably the most important film released in my serious movie watching lifetime (so like, post-2009 let's say), the big brain flipside to the dummy fun of ''Southland Tales'', which together form a pretty defining ''pieces of art that most clearly reflect/define how I see the world'' duo. Not unfair to peg this as just simplified cliffnotes Pynchon, but as someone who recently dedicated the better part of a year to ''Gravity's Rainbow'' and overall had a pretty horrible time of…