• Nina



    7.5 /10

    From the 2004 Queer Screen Shorts compilation,
    Mardi Gras Film Festival release.

    Thanks to Mike Kennedy for the loan.

  • Ex



    From the 2004 Queer Screen Shorts compilation,
    Mardi Gras Film Festival release.

    Thanks to Mike Kennedy for the loan.

  • The Adventures of Iron Pussy

    The Adventures of Iron Pussy


    7.5 /10

    I've long suspected that those Cannes-adored high-brow Directors who effortlessly create masterpieces which are deservedly described as being

    ".... the indefinable result is an enigmatic assemblage of avant-garde form and popular iconography highlighting Apichatpong’s career-long exploration of Thai culture and the outer limits of cinematic form."

    have more than a little of the low-brow [see pic] Russ Meyer lurking deep within the darkest portion of their soul.

    And with his uber-pulp (but not trash) tribute to Modesty Blaise,…

  • Blissfully Yours

    Blissfully Yours


    6 /10

    Much preferred the first segment, especially when the Future of each person was later revealed.

    Also I think it's both revealing (& just my luck) that the two bit-characters who caught my eye & held my interest were the fabulously crisp Doctor & Min's hand-on-knee admirer.

    Thanks to Mike Kennedy for the lend, post-C'teque- screening.

  • Scrubbers



    2.5 /10

    A very polite & almost proper '80s UK Women In Prison (WIP) movie - it's problem is that it's so politely vanilla, it's utterly forgettable.

    By lacking that exploitative &/or unleashed element common to WIP films, all fun & interest is zapped - it's just a movie about a group of very tidy young women enjoying each other's company.

    Highlights were based on recognition - the distinct voice of a young Kathy Burke (the glorious Magda from 'Ab Fab') & Robbie…

  • A Family

    A Family


    9 /10

    I read that this debut has been created by young Australians - Director & co-Writer Jayden Stevens with Cinematographer & co-Writer Tom Swinburne - & that EVERYTHING else about it is Ukranian;
    an odd mix, to be sure, which just begged my checking it out on a Cheapo Tuesday (just in case ...) .

    As black, dry & dour as it's Ukrainian climate & language - & as darkly hilarious for successfully being so.

    Much as I'd like to know who she is (couldn't…

  • Army of Shadows

    Army of Shadows


    10 /10

    A magnificent & ruthlessly unsentimental story with compelling characters.


  • Stop Making Sense

    Stop Making Sense


    10 /10

    A joyful watch, impossible not to admire the music & the artistic innovation which the band members, individually & collectively, espoused -
    still have that private moment of breathless exhilaration when Tom Tom Club's Genius of Love starts.

    I'd first seen Talking Heads in Melbourne during Winter, 1979 at the now gone Dallas Brooks Hall in Collingwood South for their first Aus tour.

    Director Jonathan Demme lovingly utilises & shows off all his disposable skills in this - it really is a Classic, having set a distinct benchmark.

  • Wild at Heart

    Wild at Heart


    8.5 /10

    "Take a bite of Peach."

    As you're buying the ticket, tell yourself (& anyone who'll listen) that you're going all highbrow for Ms Dern & Mr Cage's screen chemistry (as standard Stud & Moll) in this road movie with distinct nods to Wizard of Oz;

    but stay strapped in for Diana Ladd, Willem Dafoe & Crispin Glover's undied cockroaches who all unleash bigtime, solely to give this movie all the glorious lowbrow punch that's needed (& you want).

  • Léon Morin, Priest

    Léon Morin, Priest


    11  /10  

    This previously unseen movie was the standout for me (an athiest, fwiw) during ACMI's 2017 J-P Melville Retrospective.
    Now seeing it again has both clarified & reinforced that this most non-Melville movie is unquestionably my Favorite of his which I've seen.

    Emmanuelle Riva is simply amazing as Barny, capturing both questioning complexity & an uncertain joy with an assured, equal measure.  
    We, the viewer, are Barny in her ankle-black socks observing those repercussions of a life during war & conflict.

    And if that same viewer wasn't convinced by (that handsome wretch) J-P  Belmondo before, they should see him in this, 100% down-playing his on-screen strength, that magnetic face.

  • Night Games

    Night Games


    7.5 /10

    Not just in the brilliant opening scene - one of the Very Best regardless, be assured - but I reckon there's a strong nod to Director Fellini.
    The rest of the movie doesn't reach those same stars, but that opening scene was def. worth the ticket price.

    Gorgeous production, wonderful cinematography & framing, with excellent acting.

    It's also a timeless watch - were it not for some of the rather distinct model Volvos which gave the era away, I'd…

  • Sanjuro



    8.5 /10

    An Akira Kurosawa comedy which neither disappoints nor answers my eternal question about just how those fearless warriors are able to run so damn fast wearing thongs (or flip/flops), a kimono & a katana.

    The nine unobservant young bucks give our Hero much to enjoyably take advantage of, which Toshirō Mifune unsurprisingly does with a particular glee.
    Oh. & then throw in a classic unexpected old-guard blood spurt just for good measure.

    Beyond comparisons, it's a hoot.