The Northman

The Northman ★★★★½

9 /10

This Director has to be a twitcher ... cranky scene-stealing seagulls in 'Lighthouse', life-saving crows in this.

And look at what those gasp-inducing sword & sandals Greko-Roman movies of the 1950 & '60s have evolved into -
for the kids, a gigantic Nordic adventure tale, smothered in testosterone & virility, with much conquest, firelight, heaving pec & Big Swords;
which unsurprisingly had me back at some of the crazier & anything-goes underground BDsM /leather events of yesteryear -
& which, before you ask, would never be held today - too fashionable.

Did no pre-watch research so can't be forgiven for not recognising Ethan Hawke - but can for missing Bjork.
Gorgeous photography, fab cgi & soooo much to love.

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