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  • Strait-Jacket



    9  /10 

    Let's just get this ... confession (?) ... out of the way; 
    Miss Crawford has 112 movies listed - 

    this was my 4th -  
    & 12 months ago it was 2, so ....  now, we'll quickly move on.

    It's my idea of capital-C Camp & I'll proudly admit to being that WTF!!-Chuckler up in the Stalls.

    Doubling it with Multiple Maniacs - which looked fantastic on The Astor Big Screen - was also a Programmers wet-dream.

  • Le Cercle Rouge

    Le Cercle Rouge


    10  /10

    It's true - seeing the beautifully remastered version on a great big Cinema screen is completely different to seeing it on the tv, no matter how many times I've done so.  
    Looks & sounds simply awesome.

    Also kudos to that young guy who bravely & politely asked the older couple (who were supposedly unaware of the distinct & unwanted sounds to the rest of the audience that crunchily eating a 2 x large pack of chips from those rustling bags can cause) for quiet -  
    I give them the benefit of the doubt & say "..supposedly.." because they immediately stopped both the rustling & chomping.

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  • Invisible Life

    Invisible Life


    10 /10

    Everything about that restaurant scene ... the fish-tank.. totally floored me with reactive emotions.

    It's such a wonderfully slow-paced & visually beautiful movie, with some incredible performances.

    That the photography captures the tropical climate so perfectly, which in turn adds another unsaid reflective layer - not something seen too often, but when done as successfully as in this movie is simply jaw-dropping.

    PS: Director Karim Ainouz has listed his Top 10 Criterion Collection Movie List - it's an interesting & informative read.

  • Rainy Dog

    Rainy Dog


    8.5  /10 

    Was definitely not expecting to be as moved as I was with both the direction & emotional tone of this.

    Billowing - but not belted - trench coats immediately reminded me that our forthcoming J-P Melville mini-Retrospective was starting tomorrow - & the sunglasses (in torrential downpours) was another of those nicely groovy touches.

    The gritty & faded, even seemingly bleached, cinematography looks really beautiful, especially the street & outdoor scenes.

    I'm new to Takashi Miike (I know, I know - sheltered upbringing...) so this was a fantastic revelation - & many thanks to Mike Kennedy.