Bullitt ★★★★

Steve McQueen's dream job was either driving a sports car or a motorcycle.
In 'The Great Escape' he got to show us his skills on the famous motorcycle and in this he gets to show some of the driving skills (360 turn) in the car. Most of the driving was done by some great stunt men but Steve was behind the wheel at times.
You have to appreciate the camera work in this classic because in those days the cameras were chunky and tech was no way functional like today.
The story is bland but it's Steve's coolness on screen and the fantastic car chase that keeps this movie alive for it's time.
I have driven down those exact roads in San Fran but not the way they treated the cars (the rental car would have ended up in bits).
Steve chasing the bad guy through the airport across the runway reminded me of Pacino and Di Niro in 'Heat. Wonder if that's where Michael Mann got his idea from.
A great classic that still stands up for it's time.

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