Mirror ★★★★½

Child. Adult. Mother. House. Fire. Grass. Green. Grey. Color. Grey. Work. Working. Machine. Rain. Inside and out. Hallway. Depth. Forever. Smoking. Alcohol. You look like a scarecrow. House. Endless. Spanish. Coming home. Da Vinci. Pictures inside pictures. Wonder. Discovery. Rousseau answered: negatively. Russia. Home Country. Gun. War. Soldier. Personal. Political. War. War. Children. Grenade. Fear. Heartbeat. There's no death on earth. Tank. Flag. Nation. Death. Camera. Snow. Winter. Authority. Mass. Mao. Book of. God. Symbol. Tiananmen Square. People. Human beings. Russia and China. Father. Green. Gray. Green. Who do you want to live with. Choose. Adults. Marriage. Dostoyevsky. Bush on fire. Grass. Trees. Home. Killing a cock. Mirror. This is my life. Holding a bird in my hand. Poetry. Poetic. Movement. Rhythm. Being a part of something.

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