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  • New Order

    New Order


    Too polished and neatly structured to make any real impact, and as such the violence plays out like spectacle rather than as the consequence of a political or economic system.

  • Identifying Features

    Identifying Features


    Some critics have noted that while Identifying Features is a strong and accomplished debut film “little is learned about the relevant issues by watching it.*” This statement reveal a lot about both how we think about film and how we think about border politics and migration, and it is especially telling when non-Mexican viewers expect the film to fill their own information gap while watching instead of paying attention to what this specific film is aiming to do.

    The film…

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  • Revenge



    The title is misleading. This is not revenge, and the film is certainly not feminist. It is just another conventional genre film using rape as a backdrop.

    Spoilers ahead:

    There is no satisfaction to be had, because there is no (cinematic) revenge. Within the narrative Jen is raped and left for dead, but she doesn't come back for a "manhunt" which the misleading plot summary says. It's more of a fight to the death, where the men who already raped…

  • The Untamed

    The Untamed


    What inspired this film was a news article about a man who drowned, and the headline read "faggot drowned". Amat Escalante was so appalled by the lack of humanity that he decided to make a film exploring themes of sex, homosexuality, violence and gender roles. And it the middle of it all, simply lacking any humanity: an alien which both gives humans pleasure and destroys them. When facing the cruelty and violence in Mexico, creating a supernatural being might seem less far fetched than reality.