Lightyear ★★½

buzz every other second: sighsssss

me every other second: he just like me

okay but man am i kinda disappointed. they massacred my boy zurg im so sad (design still sexy!) i just think this was unfortunately one if not pixars most generic film from a narrative standpoint and thats not always a negative but it just had so many bold paths it couldve took. a lot of the character moments that were built up didnt really felt that rewarding with how below average and cheap the set-ups were. im very sad i wanted to love this but im sure kids are going to love it and thats all that matters.

i will say though it is definitely held up to the animated standards of pixar because fuck is it gorgeous to look at and i personally kinda hate hyperrealism in animation but there were moments here where i completely forgot i was watching an animated film with how visually engrossing it got. salute to the team working on the backgrounds and the color grading here they knocked it out of the park! it kinda just missed the depth commonly attributed to pixars film so i do get why for some this didnt really feel like a pixars film. 

i do want to say lol i dont think is fair to dock points and lose your shit because is a toy-story spinoff lmfao? it doesnt even feel like it when you see it which that can be a whole nother problem in itself but i choose to see this film by the story is telling and not by the attachment of it to a beloved franchise.

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