Say "I love you" ★★½

Probably the first anime that I didn’t like, everything up to here has been pretty cool but this didn’t cut it. 

Others on letterboxd make the argument, that this is a “realistic” romance, as if making the case that other romance anime isn’t realistic. This is just as unrealistic as anything else. 

We don’t watch romance for it to be “realistic.” We watch corny, over done, beautiful romance to inspire us, to give us a different perspective on love. To reminisce the feeling of loving someone, (if you are single and have loved someone before) 

We also watch it to give us hope that one day we can also have moments like these, even for a moment. 

We need, cheesy, emotional, dramatic romance, this show didn’t do enough. 

However I did appreciate that every episode outlined a problem that a relationship could have and how it could play out. It just wasn’t “cool” enough. 

Anyways I said I love you to your mom

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