The Woman King

The Woman King ★★★½

A woman trains her all-female warriors into a battle to protect their African kingdom.

Just came out of the theaters and saw this with the family as pre-birthday celebrations and it was a good time. I enjoyed the female empowerment of all the women present, and similar to Black Panther, more represention of POC in front of and behind the camera. Viola Davis did a strong performance and she was fearless throughout. It was hard to understand what they're saying most of the time, because of the thick accents. The romantic elements did little for me, but that wasn't the main focus anyway. It's shot pretty well too and competently enough. The action scenes at times looked brutal to experience and a certain death of one of the characters was saddening. Overall, a good watch.

Side note: I'm shocked that I just found out that the guy who plays Hardin in the After movies was in this as well!

Warning: PG-13. Some sexual situations, no nudity or profanity and a lot of violence.

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