Spencer ★★★★½

On the height of her crippling marriage, Princess Diana veers from her path on becoming queen.

Starting off 2023 with a movie I've been meaning to watch but has been put on the back burner. It's been an interesting journey seeing Kristen Stewart's acting journey take off after years being "pale girl from Twilight" and she already looks on her way of winning an Oscar. I'm glad she's having more fun with her roles. I don't know the history of Princess Diana and the Royal family and I'm not going to pretend like I do, but seeing her all distressed from her past is quite fascinating. Nothing made me more anxious and horrified than the scene of her at the dinner table eating soup with the big pearls. Another sequence towards the end that's very reminiscent of Joker. And the ending is memorable, not the ways that you would think. Seems like a better version of 'Blonde' than the actual Blonde movie anyways and keep up the good work Kirsten and take more challenging roles in the future.

How Christmassy is it: A 4 on the festive scale. Christmas decor, family gatherings and gift exchanges. About as Christmassy as spending it with uptight and mightier than high siblings at Winter break.

Four clutched pearls (📿📿📿📿) for enjoyment scale. In addition, GREAT cinematography, very lush and posh.

Warning: Rated R. No sex or nudity, some profanity and violence.

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