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  • Come and Go


  • Aphex Twin: Windowlicker


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  • Come and Go

    Come and Go


    Only a blind man could fail to see the purity of your heart.

    While in near death both on screen and in real time, proverbs become reminders to the self of an inevitable truth - that things will pass, and so will you.

    So from here on out, it is all about balance and its safe hands. Live within its embrace for the time you still have, and while you are still here.

  • Aphex Twin: Windowlicker

    Aphex Twin: Windowlicker


    So I went to this aphex show one night right, I was like get it richard get it richard okayyy

    But then richard saw me and my moves and was like damnnn

    And i saw him seeing me and was like damnnn

    Richard came off the stage so i could give him a lil dance real quick and i was like okayyy rich! you aint bad, shit. Lil stiff but...but then he had to get a closer look, MUCH closer,…

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  • Soul



    Essence and spirit are two separate parts of our being, one that I never thought Pixar of all studios would manage to tackle so well. Maybe our true purpose is to give purpose to the things that surround us, whether they are the lives of others or ourselves, or often both.

  • Dark Days

    Dark Days


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    An update on several individuals from this film:

    Brian moved to Alaska with Tommy to try his luck at crab fishing.

    Henry was given Section 8 housing in the end. A few days after he moved into his home in Harlem, he reconnected with his estranged family and soon moved in with his children in Utah.

    Recently, Singer was walking through Central Park, near one of the tunnel entrances and said he ran into Ronnie. Singer barely recognized him now…