Death Note

Death Note

So... I suppose technically speaking, there was effort put forth to make this movie. A group of humans somewhere independently consumed food and converted that food into energy for their bodies, this energy propelled them outside of their homes and caused them to travel however far to a movie set and perform whatever task they were physically responsible for. And that's it.

The point at which any mental energy was spent creating thoughts and attempting to write those thoughts on paper... was when this movie failed.

The team involved in the writing and directing of this movie had absolutely no grasp of the source material whatsoever. Another beloved intellectual property nakedly exploited for its name recognition, with no care involved.

So hey, if you're a fan of Death Note like myself and always wondered what it would be like if clueless Hollywood writers reached into their gnarled mangroves of ass hair, spread their anus's wide open and spewed creamy diarrhetic shit all over your face?

Well wonder no longer!