Slaughter High

Slaughter High ★★★

A Bay of Blood: A Ranking of Slashers (1974 - 1990)

#19 of Slasher September

With its dusty and drawn-out opening that's either a questionable parody or a badly played and familiar tune, this 1986 slasher was in the run for being just another middling experience—its near twenty minute flashback is lame and an elongated trite, even with the incredibly harsh pranks that are thrown towards its soon to be killer. With all that aside though, Slaughter High picks up like any entertaining slasher would—enlightening the mood with a handful of cheery friends on a reunion at the now abandoned high school proves to be that defining feature. The killer pops up in hidden stages; the jangle of his mask hints at death from a distance, and the kills he executes are unexpectedly glorious. At one moment, two lovers are ferociously electrocuted in bed at the point of the woman's orgasm—and it's electrifying to say the least.

The characters are all something to get used to after seeing them act so viciously and annoying in the opening, but once we see them acting as a fun-loving group together the hate disappears and the fear that takes over them all is pretty fun to watch. Slaughter High throws another weirdly bizarre moment after its tense and exciting third act that may just leave a bad taste in your mouth. And the fact its final chase is just a lot of running through the same old set, it nonetheless adds to its weird amount of charm. For what it's worth, this decent slasher is a little bit more than decent.


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