Malignant ★★★½

You've probably heard that James Wan just released a new giallo.

I-... kinda. If you're thinking "is it like The Bird with the Crystal Plumage?" then no. Is it Torso? Also no. "Okay but is it giallo adjacent like Suspiria?" Also no but a little yes.

Get ready folks: Malignant reminded me of Fatal Frames, with a little Evil Dead Trap which I just coincidentally rewatched recently. I know most audiences who have no idea where all of Wan's inspiration comes from within this will say that the acting is bad or that it's not scary, but it's not bad and yeah it's not scary... it's camp. Pure camp. So again, Fatal Frames but if Fatal Frames wanted to be exactly what Fatal Frames is. The dramatic stingers are hilarious and really set the tone for the wackiness.

Greatest parts other than the ramped up horror as it finishes is that whole town built on top of the older town. That's Malignant, a growth from the old era of horror, still using the groundwork as its sewer system but building modern as well. The CGI was ridiculous but it's so unabashedly going for it that I can't take anything away for that which it acknowledges.

70's afro disco getup prison lady in the present day is really all you need to know.

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