The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything ★★½

Yeah, yeah, it's biopic season isn't it? Well, here's another one: The Theory of Everything takes a couple of hours to expound on the fact that Stephen Hawking used to speak and walk and fall in love and all the other stuff that young men do. This movie failed to connect for me since the terribleness of the situation always seemed extremely controlled. Of course Hawking's debilitating situation must be a great challenge. The movie however suggests, and perhaps this was how it was in real life, that there was always a massive support-group ready to step in to help. His wife, family, friends, colleagues and medical practitioners are all close at hand. I doubt I'd have that many people jumping in to help if I found myself in the same medical situation. Maybe this is the one that finally proves my lifetime-quota of "triumph over adversity" biographical-material has been met.

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