Prince of Darkness

Prince of Darkness ★★★★★

John Carpenter serves up one of his best, and arguably his scariest films in the form of a reverse-nativity story. Prince of Darkness has for a few years now been my go-to movie when someone asks me what my favorite Christmas flick is.

This film is clever as heck. There's a goodly share of great circular wordplay, and this time around I noticed for the first time that there's some "Last Supper" imagery when 12 scientists are seated at a long table discussing how Jesus was an alien. Exquisite.

Honestly, I keep expecting to be less spooked every time I watch this, but as a real testament to the power of this tale, I always get goosebumps during certain scenes. Also, that final shot, with the cut to black. Wow...

First Review: December 22, 2013 (One Year Ago Today)

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