Not of This Earth

Not of This Earth ★½

There are certain industries that work in the public eye, which aren't part of Hollywood specifically, but have invisible tethers often allowing the most notable members of these groups to try their hands at big-screen glory. Of course I'm talking about businesses like Modeling, Professional Wrestling, Popular Music, Televangelism, Major-League Sports, Politics, Soap Operas and of course, Pornography. If I were to guess, I'd say there probably is within Hollywood circles a not-too-flattering term for those who use their public notoriety to springboard themselves into the movies. Now I'm not sure why, but I usually find myself rooting for those bold enough to make the jump from the field that made them famous to the one that might make them immortal. The reason I mention it at all is because as you probably already know, this remake of Not of this Earth is notable for one of the most high-profile attempts ever to "go straight". Traci Lords had a brief but infamous career in the adult film industry: Notable primarily for the fact that her career ended with her public revelation that nearly all of her "work" had been done while under the age of 18, the legal minimum in the United States. The shocking bombshell cost people their careers, fortunes were lost and the industry was moved to adopt new regulations to prevent such a thing from happening again. Lords, suddenly now a more provocative figure than she ever had been before saw a chance an jumped on it (figuratively speaking).

Now then, beyond the scandal-factor, this shlock-flick really doesn't have much going for it. The movie alludes to a small-scale invasion plot. There's an unnecessary medical angle with one of the aliens needing "transfusions" from a live-in RN. The true reason for the quirky plot-detail becomes clear as it gives reason for Lords to don a sexy nurse outfit for much of the film. They couldn't even create an original opening credits sequence, opting instead for clips of monsters from previous pictures from the same studio - most notably, Humaniods from the Deep. The performances are bad. Her's in particular is extremely wooden. I suppose it can be forgiven though as the 19-year old probably hadn't yet been booking time with Lee Strasberg.

Oh well, it's an interesting Tinseltown footnote if nothing else.

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