Las Palmas

Las Palmas ★★★★½

This is totally one of my all-time favorite short films.

Las Palmas tells the story of a western, middle-aged woman on holiday in a latin paradise somewhere. In very short order, she invades a bar, gets drunk, disruptive, destructive and indignant. When cornered by the bar-staff who demand payment for the damages, the woman flees.

The story doesn't sound remarkable, I know, but when one takes into account that the tourist is played by a one-year old baby, and all of the appalled locals take the form of stoic, paper-mache marionettes, the piece suddenly reveals a scathing commentary on entitlement, invasions of third-world countries and the kind of deeds prompting the creation of the label: "The Ugly American".

Poignant and really, really funny.

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