Humanoids from the Deep

Humanoids from the Deep ★★★

Director Barbara Peters teamed with Producer Roger Corman to create the sci-fi/horror semi-classic Humanoids From The Deep.

The story surrounds a salmon-fishing community and the horrible sea-monsters created by science's attempts to genetically engineer bigger and more plentiful salmon. Of course the result is horny Black Lagoon critters looking to score with some of the local beach bunnies. No, it isn't played for laughs, but the sheer absurdity of it all isn't without its share of guffaws. There's no shortage of Jaws-influences too. Most of the movie takes place during the small coastal town's annual festival, and the politicians are far too concerned about the money involved to pay any attention to the monster threat. (By the way, the monster design is pretty good with their extra-long forearms and articulated claws.) Yeah, it's pretty gross and kinda tacky at times, but if you don't take any of it too seriously you'll probably find something to like.

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