Another Round

Another Round ★★★★½

Something about this film makes me feel like a grown up. Really sophisticated but still really stupid. Perfectly balanced. Another Round follows 4 teachers who experiment with micro dosing alcohol to benefit there professional and personal life. 

The film perfectly balanced the humour and the somber effects of the experiment so feel. Never becoming to outlandish and never becoming a slog. The story is so simple that it become easy to enjoy each character.

Mads Mikkelsen really puts out one of his best performances. As I am more familiar with his mainstream films where he appear to be larger than life, this toned down, sympathetic role really allowed him to show a side that I’d never imagined from the Danish actor.

The supporting cast also complement the script and the lead perfectly. Able to deliver on the sharp wit as well as the physical humour.

Truly a shame that Mikklesen never won as many award as he should for this role and the Oscar snub reflects more on the academy. Best films about dudes being dudes, the thinking man’s grown ups/10

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